Parent / Teacher Association

A PTA meeting is usually held on a Tuesday evening starting at 7.30pm. There are usually two meetings each term. All parents and staff are invited and welcome to attend.

Next Meeting is Tuesday 6 August 7.30pm at Tapanui School

Please take a look at the newsletters in the resources section and read what the PTA have been busy with. PTA News is send home each term on 'light blue' paper.

Current Fundraising
Foodwrap/Foil/Baking Paper - orders close 26 July 2019.  Order form can be found in the resources section under fundraising.

Beanies for Sale - $10 available at the school office (beanie pictured)

Calves - If anyone is interested in donating or grazing calves please contact Sally Beattie (contact details below)

Donating or Making Payments
You can pay into the PTA Account directly at any time. The details are: Tapanui Primary PTA  06 0923 0161646 00
It’s important when paying to include your name (particulars) and the reason for payment (reference).

Second-hand Uniforms (Anytime!)
Get any unwanted uniform items out of the drawer or the cupboard and send them down to school for our secondhand uniform sales. There is increasing demand for items now that the school year has started. Alternatively contact Sally, or Anna or the school office.

Contacts (2018)